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Guitar Lessons in Plano, TX. Superior quality lessons at very affordable rates!

From beginner to advanced, you won’t be disappointed by these 45 min – 1hr. (+), comfortable, un-rushed, superior quality guitar lessons week in/week out, conducted by an instructor that loves to teach and truly cares whether or not you learn! Learn more about Lessons

$35 per 45 min – 1 hr lesson or inquire about discount rate for monthly prepay

With me as your guitar teacher, I can assure you that your progress will immediately become evident and each week you’ll look forward to another new guitar playing experience that will stick with you for a lifetime! Learn more about Ken

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Whether just starting out or needing to climb out of the same, mundane rut, every student’s guitar learning experience should begin, and always remain, a fulfilling journey – complete with a direct path and a clear view of his/her ultimate destination.

As 1) an accomplished guitarist; 2) an instructor that is wholeheartedly devoted to his craft; and 3) a genuine sole with an undeniable passion for teaching, I can assure you with complete and total confidence that no matter what musical/guitar-playing goals you ultimately seek, achieving them is not just a possibility, but a GUARANTEE… so long as the student maintains the necessary efforts to do so.

With skill-building methods that are infinitely applicable and a constant focus on the many facets of IMPROVISATION and SONGWRITING, your creativity will thrive. The power to express, explore, and expand your own musical ability will increase exponentially from the day of your first lesson – until the day you give up playing for good.

But what may be the best part of it all…? That same path that you once began your journey by following, becomes yours to pave with gold for others to follow… inevitably, inspiring them to do the same.

“To play without passion is inexcusable”~Beethoven

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